About us

Pods in Print is a database of podcast transcripts. Our transcripts may include interviews with leading business figures, popular radio shows, lectures given by accomplished academics or the proceedings of conferences.

We make podcasts Accessible, Searchable and Quotable!


A marriage of high-tech content with the most robust and widespread information delivery method, the printed word. Text can be easily summarised or skimmed and transcripts offer the convenience of choice to both listen and read podcast content.


Sophisticated textual analysis allows categorisation and search of podcast content from within the audio file. Only verbatim transcripts produced by human editors have the required accuracy.


Enabling interaction between the blogosphere and the podosphere, audio content becomes readily quoted. Transcripts are produced by permission of the podcaster allowing readers broad privileges in use of the documents.

Pods in Print aggregates high-quality content!

We have found that the types of podcasts most suited for transcription are simply those with the best factual content: informative podcasts often dealing with highly technical or specialist subjects. To this extent Pods in Print is a collection of the best podcasts around.

Given the nature of the content a high-quality transcript can add significant value. Premium transcripts with fully corrected terms and jargon allows users to more easily follow up information in the podcast. Our time-indexing feature means you can quickly find areas of interest and listen to the most pertinent bits of the audio.

We're proud of our association with participating podcasters, find out more about them here.

Background Information

Pods in Print was founded in June 2006 by a group of people with extensive experience in transcription. We set out to provide transcription services in a way best suited to the new environment of user-generated audio content epitomised by podcasting.

The key trends we identified are:

We believe a transcript complements the aims of podcasters to make content available in a convenient way to their audience and we are passionate about accurately reflecting that content in written form. Our in-house editors are full-time transcription professionals and have expertise in financial, technology, legal and other content areas helping us put the web's best audio content "in Print".

Transcription Services

We also offer bespoke transcription services to podcasters and other individuals. These transcripts are not included in the database but are of exactly the same high quality. Why not register for a free trial to see examples of our work?

Current pricing is found here. Each assignment can be tailored to meet your requirements of quality and turnaround. Contact us for more details.